Who Are We?

Who provides Lifeline Anytime?

Lifeline Anytime is part of Ashford Borough Council and we have over 30 years' experience of providing a first class community alarm service.

What is the service?

Lifeline Anytime is a 24 hour service providing an instant response at the touch of a button. The service provides a home and personal safety alarm system that enables people to live independently in their own homes or safely in the work place.

Who can use the service?

We offer our installation, monitoring and response service to those living in the United Kingdom whether in private or rented accommodation.

Lifeline is not just for the elderly. It can also be used by vulnerable young people, people with disabilities or those just discharged from hospital, especially if living alone or with young children.

Lifeline is also for those working alone, e.g. shop workers. It can act as a panic button in the event of threatening situations where police assistance may be required.

The benefits of having the alarm if you are home alone and have young children, is that it is easier for a child to press one button and have a friendly voice speak to them. We would then have automatic access to all your personal details such as name, address, medical conditions, contact details etc. Your child will not have to remember how to dial 999, which service to ask for and then name, address, etc. which will reduce any distress to your child, and you will have peace of mind that help will be with you quickly.