You will be invoiced for your Lifeline & Pendant monitoring separately.

Lifeline Anytime Annual Fee
Product Price (Excluding VAT) Price (Including VAT)
Annual price for Lifeline Anytime service £170 £204


The below prices are for additional products. The upfront costs of these will need to be paid along with your install fee (if applicable).

Lifeline Product Fees
Product Price (Excluding VAT) Price (Including VAT)
Additional Lifeline Pendant £60 £72
Pendant Easy Press £13 £15.60
Fall Detector (Existing Customers*) £120 £144
Flood Detector* £113 £135.60
Smoke Alarm Detector* £113 £135.60
Power Cable* £36 £43.20
Safe Socket £30 £36
Sound Booster £113 £135.60
Replacement Lifeline Unit* £240 £288
Engineer Installation (within Kent) £82 £98.40
Self-install Lifeline Only Postage Fee £17.36 £17.36
Self-install Lifeline and Key Safe Postage Fee £29 £29
Self-install Collection (Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00) Free Free

PLEASE NOTE: That a charge of £108.00 (ex VAT) will be added to your yearly invoice for each additional item marked with a #

 Existing Customers Please Note: The installation/programming fee only applies if an engineer needs to visit your property to install an item or programme a sensor. If an item does not require a visit to your property and can be posted then an installation/programming fee will not be required.  Items marked with an * all require an installation/programming fee per visit regardless of number of items or sensors installed/programmed. 

Products that do NOT qualify for VAT exemption for Existing Customers are: Installation / Programming, Key Safes, Key Release Door Chain, Smoke Alarm Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Flood Detector.

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