Product Installation

Using one of our installation contractors

Once the application has been returned to us we will assess your information and agree an installation date. Non-urgent installations are normally completed within 14 days and urgent installations are completed within 96 hours.

As soon as your installation timescale is agreed we will ask our contractor to contact you or your representative directly to arrange a convenient date and time.

The installer will check the location the alarm unit is to be placed is suitable and the power supplies and telephone lines are accessible and working. They will install the alarm unit and if applicable, key safes, door chains, safe sockets and any other sensors purchased that form your tailored package.

The installer will:

  • Explain the purpose of the alarm system
  • Demonstrate how the alarm unit and pendant operates together with advising on any other sensors also being connected
  • Demonstrate how to answer a telephone call from the comfort of your chair or bed
  • Carry out range tests from various locations in your property, such as the bedroom and garden
  • Demonstrate how the alarm unit will disconnect another device if operational
  • Provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions
  • Leave you information on how the equipment works

Installing the equipment yourself

You can also install our Lifeline equipment yourself. We’ve created this video to show you how: