Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear my pendant in bed?

Do not wear your pendant around your neck cord in bed. It should be placed by your bed within easy reach. Pendants on wrist straps can be worn in bed.

Is my pendant waterproof?

Yes it is, but it is not recommended to immerse it in water for any period of time (or worn in the bath), it can be worn in the shower.

Will my pendant work in the garden?

Yes, it will work up to 30metres/100ft from your alarm unit.

What if I press my alarm or pendant by mistake?

This happens on occasion and isn’t a problem. Just tell the call handler you pressed it by mistake.

What if the call handler doesn’t hear me because I am too far away?

Our alarm unit automatically adjusts the microphone volume to pick up on faint sounds. However, if you are not heard we will try phoning you to see if we can get a response before contacting a key holder or organising for the emergency services to visit.

What if an ambulance is called and I can’t let them in?

We can fit a key safe – a simple, secure way to provide reliable access to your home 24/7. It is attached discreetly to an outside wall of your home. We will give the ambulance service the number code to access the keys.

Will I have to pay VAT?

To be eligible the government states you need to fit the following criteria

  • a Charity and supply your charity number,
  • a person who is chronically sick or disabled. This means they have a physical or mental impairment which has a long term and substantial adverse upon their ability to carry out everyday activities; or a condition which the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness, such as diabetes, COPD, rheumatoid arthritis, etc or who is terminally ill. Please note this does not include a frail elderly person who is otherwise able bodied or any person who is only temporarily disables or incapacitated, such as with a broken limb.

What paperwork needs to be returned?

If you are not applying online then you can either apply by emailing us or you can call 01233 642095.

How can the hire of the Lifeline and pendant be paid for?

Payment will be made monthly by direct debit after receipt of an annual invoice.

Does the customer have to return both copies of the hire agreement?

Yes, both copies should be signed by all service users, they then return both copies of the hire agreement to us. We will return the signed customer copy to the person responsible for the account once installation has taken place.

Why do all users of the service sign the hire agreement?

This means that in the event of one person no longer needing the service the hire agreement will continue and avoid the need to cancel the agreement and set up a new one for the second user.

What happens if more than two people in the same household wish to be monitored by the service?

Each client will have their own pendant with corresponding records for each one therefore we will amend our paperwork as is needed. Please speak to us if this situation applies.